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CommuniGate Pro Sets SMS Account Support Record

July 15, 2002
CommuniGate Pro Sets SMS Account Support Record
By Amy Newman

Stalker Software Monday announced that its CommuniGate Pro messaging platform is now hosting more than 4.5 million short message service (SMS) accounts on a single server solution for Universal Communication Platform's (UCP's), European youth portal, uboot.com.

The company lays claim to being the first to support this volume of accounts on a single, unclustered system.

"The 4.5 million milestone reflects an achievement in executing SMS messages effectively using a single server solution," said Vladimir Butenko, president and CEO of Stalker Software. "While it is uncommon for customers of this size to use our CommuniGate Pro without its dynamic cluster technology, we are delighted that the single server solution has proven its reliability and scalability for wireless text messaging services."

CommuniGate Pro supports more than 25 operating systems, providing what the vendor describes as the most advanced and robust unified messaging solution that has been optimized to provide e-mail, collaboration, wireless, and voice messaging on a single message store.

According to Stalker Software, CommuniGate Pro's open standards-based architecture can provide high-performance integrated messaging delivery of many types of content on a centralized platform efficiently and reliably.

Established to combine the technologies of the Internet and the mobile phone, uboot.com was established in February 2000 to host Web text-to-phone communication based on SMS. Before using CommuniGate Pro, UCP deployed open-source cyrus for its message store.

After switching to CommuniGate Pro, uboot.com scaled from 1.5 million accounts to 4.5 million accounts within 18 months throughout which it experienced no downtime.

UCP is running CommuniGate Pro Messaging on a Hewlett-Packard AlphaServer system using the Tru64 UNIX to provide a high-capacity IMAP-based message store.

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